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Sweetheart Gift Baskets

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  1. Sweetheart Gable Gift Pack

    Sweetheart Gable Gift Pack


    Say “Happy Valentine's Day” with this elegantly wrapped Valentine's gift basket! Our Dark Belgian Chocolate & Sweetheart Sprinkle Apple and 4 pack of luxurious chocolate truffles make an exquisite Valentine's Day gift! This chocolate apple gift basket is packaged in a festive heart gift box which is sealed with a white satin ribbon.
    Our Sweetheart Gable Gift Pack Includes
    • 1 - Dark or Milk Belgian Chocolate & Sweetheart Sprinkle Apple
    • 4-Pack of Chocolate Truffles
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  2. Sweetheart Delight Gift Basket

    Sweetheart Delight Gift Basket


    Share some love with our Sweetheart Delight Gift Basket. This is the perfect gift giving idea for that 'special someone' to show how sweet they truly are! This Sweetheart chocolate gift basket includes our decadent Sweetheart Curls Caramel Apple w/Dark Belgian Chocolate which is dipped in our heavenly rich and buttery signature Amy's caramel. It also includes 4 of our dark chocolate vanilla sea salt caramels, 1/2 lb. chocolate covered almonds, a dark chocolate raspberry heart and a milk chocolate peanut butter heart.
    Our Sweetheart Delight Gift Basket Includes
    • 1 - Milk, Dark or White Chocolate Sweetheart Curls Caramel Apple
    • 4 - Dark Chocolate Vanilla Sea Salt Caramels
    • 1/2 lb. Chocolate Covered Almonds
    • 1 - Dark Chocolate Raspberry Heart
    • 1 - Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Heart
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  3. Red Gable Gift pack

    Red Gable Gift Pack


    Impress them with a gourmet Gable Gift Pack. Pick and choose any two candy apple gifts available in our drop down lists displayed below. This way you can send a caramel apples gift basket that anyone would enjoy! We package our apples in our complimentary copper embossed apple boxes which is then put into our protective gable gift box sealed with a red Amy's ribbon. Learn More
  4. Red Foil Gift Basket

    Red Foil Gift Basket


    Our beautiful Red Foil Valentine Gift Basket is a great new treat to share. This gift basket comes with a signature dark, white or milk chocolate gourmet caramel apple with pink chocolate shavings, 4 luxurious chocolate truffles, 1/3 lb. of our dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds and 1/4 lb. of our dark chocolate almonds. We package everything in our festive red foiled gift basket which gets wrapped in cello and tied with a beautiful matching Amy's ribbon. Give your sweetheart a gourmet gift this Valentine's Day with Amy's chocolate gift basket delivery! Learn More
  5. Silver Anniversary Gable Gift Pack

    Silver Anniversary Gable Gift Pack


    Share the love during that special time of year with a gourmet food gift delivery from Amy's. Scrumptious and decadent, our Silver Anniversary Gift Basket is guaranteed to put a smile on their face. This pack includes our signature Dark Belgian Chocolate w/ Sea Salt Caramel Apple, 1/2 lb. of our classic malted milk balls and a 2 pack of our luxurious chocolate truffles for the pair to share. All of these items come packaged in our silver and white gable gift box which gets sealed with a matching ribbon. Learn More
  6. Two Apple Sweetheart Gift Basket

    Two Apple Sweetheart Gift Basket


    The two recommended Valentine caramel apples for this basket are the Sweetheart Sprinkle Caramel Apple and the Dunked Caramel Apple w/ Dark Belgian Chocolate & Sweetheart Sprinkles which are both shown in the picture. You can pick any of our gourmet apples that are listed in the drop down menus above. This two apple basket starts with a layer of our festive red shred. Each apple in the basket is individually bagged and sealed with a red Sweetheart themed ribbon. The entire basket is then wrapped with clear cello and sealed with another red themed ribbon for safe transport and beautiful presentation when giving as a gift. Give the perfect treat for your sweet this Valentine's Day with Amy's gourmet gift basket delivery! Learn More
  7. Sweetheart Gift Bag

    Sweetheart Gift Bag


    Try our succulent gourmet sweetheart gift bag! This gift contains two gourmet caramel apples of your choice and 1/2lb of our signature trail mix. Our trail mix includes cashews, almonds, pistachios, pecans, macadamia nuts, cherries, cranberries and milk and dark Belgian chocolate chips. You can choose any of the two apples listed in the drop down menus above if you would like to select your own. A unique idea to share with the ones you love! Learn More
  8. Medium Sweetheart Gift Basket

    Medium Sweetheart Gift Basket


    Out of Season

    This reusable gift basket includes three of our premium Gourmet Caramel Apples of your choice. What a great way to treat someone with this exquisitely wrapped sweetheart gift! The basket image shows our famous Pecan Turtle Apple draped in Belgian Milk Chocolate, our savory Jumbo Cashew Apple, and our mouth-watering Dark Belgian Chocolate Dunked Apple. We have included our three pack of milk, dark, and white chocolate hand-dipped pretzel rods that will satisfy the palette for the sweet and salty. Our Black and White Chocolate Cream Truffle, and our White Decadence Truffle are luxuriously smooth and rich in flavor. We have also included an individual packet of Mexican Spiced Cocoa, and ½ lb. of assorted malted milk balls. Learn More
  9. Large Sweetheart Gift Basket

    Large Sweetheart Gift Basket


    Out of Season

    Our savory 6-apple Valentine's basket is a great gift to give where you can sample a little bit of everything. You can choose any apple you would like to include in this basket via the drop down list above. This gift basket contains some recommended apple choices which are shown in the picture including one gourmet buttered pecan apple, one dark Belgian chocolate dunked apple with white drizzle, one gourmet cashew turtle apple with milk Belgian chocolate, one Belgian chocolate double dunked apple, one classic peanut apple, one Valentine's Day M&M apple, a 3-pack of Amy's Belgian chocolate dipped Oreos (1 milk, 1 dark, and 1 white), a 6-pack of our delicious Valentine's truffles, a 3-pack of our Belgian chocolate dunked marshmallows-on-a-stick topped with Valentine's decoration, and 1/2lb of Amy's Belgian nut clusters and toffees. Learn More
  10. Sweetheart Gift Tray

    Sweetheart Gift Tray


    Out of Season

    Not sure what to get your Sweetheart? Get them a gourmet 3 or 4 apple gift basket! You can customize which apples you would like to include using the drop down menus displayed above. This gift basket comes with our red, pink and white heart themed gift basket with red shred. This basket gets covered in clear cello and is sealed with a ribbon. The cello protects the basket during shipment and provides as an elegant appearance. Make it an elegant impression this year! Learn More
  11. Sweetheart Petite 4 Pack

    Sweetheart Petite 4 Pack


    Out of Season

    Share something sweet with your sweet! Our Petite Valentine Candy Apples 4 Pack includes 4 of our luxurious gourmet caramel apples; 1 Petite Dark Dunked Apple w/ Sweetheart Sprinkles, 1 Petite White Dunked Apple with Dark Drizzle, 1 Petite Sweetheart M&M™ and 1 of our customer favorites... our Petite Pecan Turtle Apple w/ Milk Belgian chocolate. This treat gets wrapped in our clear cello and sealed with a signature Amy's ribbon. Buy mini caramel apples to share with your loved one! Learn More
  12. Petite 10 Apple Share The Love Gift Basket

    Petite 10 Apple Share The Love Gift Basket


    Out of Season

    This basket includes 10 of our Petite Granny Smith Gourmet Caramel Apples; 2 Classic Peanut Caramel Apples, 2 Sweetheart Sprinkle Caramel Apples, 2 Dark Dunked w/ Pink Drizzle Caramel Apples, 2 Sweetheart M&M™ Caramel Apples and 2 of our Pecan Turtle Caramel Apples with Milk Belgian chocolate. YUM! This treat gets wrapped in our clear cello and sealed with a signature Amy's ribbon. Learn More

12 Item(s)

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Sweetheart Caramel Apple Gift Baskets

Sometimes, there’s nothing that says “I love you” better than a carefully chosen gourmet treat. Here at Amy’s Gourmet Apples, we know just how to impress your sweetheart. If that someone special in your life has a sweet tooth, consider picking one of our gourmet caramel apple and chocolate confection gift baskets. Filled with delicious treats and presented in gorgeous packaging, our gift baskets and sets are perfect for anniversaries, date nights and Valentine’s Day. Each of these stunning gifts features high-quality treats handcrafted in our Wisconsin kitchen. Our gourmet, house-made caramel and incredible Belgian chocolate will delight even the pickiest of sweets lovers.

Valentine’s Day is an important occasion for sweethearts of all ages. If you’re looking for a gift that’s out of the ordinary and completely delightful, nothing is better than one of our gift baskets. Our Valentine’s Day and sweetheart sets feature gourmet caramel apples decked out in pink-and-red sprinkles, candies and accents. Dipped in sumptuous Belgian chocolate from Brussels, these apples let that special someone know just how sweet you really are. Of course, we offer apples dunked in dark, milk and white chocolate so that you can choose a treat that will truly delight your recipient.

No matter how many years you’ve been married, an anniversary is a momentous occasion. There’s simply no better time to indulge your palate with gourmet treats. Our Silver Anniversary Gable Gift Pack is the perfect way to celebrate the big day. Featuring a gourmet caramel apple, chocolate malted milk balls and a perfect pair of truffles, this gift pack is a great choice whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or your 25th. This set is also the perfect choice when you want to help your parents or another treasured couple celebrate their special day.

It’s important to celebrate your love on ordinary days, too, which is why we offer beautiful sweetheart gift baskets and sets suitable for everyday giving. Featuring gourmet treats and pretty red accents, these gifts will make a great impression on your recipient. Of course, each of the sweetheart and Valentine’s Day sets we offer here at Amy’s boasts only the finest gourmet treats. You can feel good about indulging in our gourmet caramel apples, which are made with only the tastiest Granny Smith apples dunked in high-quality Belgian chocolate. When you shop with us, you can rest assured that you’ll be celebrating your love with the best in taste and style.

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